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Breed Information

​What is a Standard Schnauzer?

It is considered to be “The dog with the human brain”. The Standard Schnauzer is very alert, bright and makes an excellent family companion. They are of medium size, robust, squarely built, muscular and think they are much bigger than they really are. Most people recognized them as the salt and pepper dog with a beard or the hypoallergenic dog.

The breed standard indicates that the males are between 18 and 20-inches high at the shoulders and weigh approximately 40 – 50 pounds.  Females are between 17 and 19-inches and weigh approximately 35-40 pounds. Their average life expectancy is between 13 – 17 years.

Do they make a good pet?

The Standard Schnauzer is even tempered and adapts very well to the family lifestyle. Their curiosity and alertness will surprise and impress you. They excel in an environment where they are treated as a family member. They require daily exercise and interact well with other animals when properly socialized. Standard Schnauzers are not known to be aggressive but they will not back down if they feel that they or their owner is being threatened. Their enthusiasm when greeting visitors and family members is refreshing.